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Amazing 5 Herbs Combination That Can Help You End Ulcer Permanently In 3 Weeks


After Discovering This Secret Herb, You Won't Ever Bother About Ulcer For The Rest Of Your Life:

...that's my promise to you.

Dear Friend,'s Dr Adams, your natural herbs advocate and...

..CEO of Dr Adams Herbals , a platform which has helped a lot of people achieve healthy living and lasting health solutions using the right herbs.

Now, let’s talk about stubborn stomach ulcers.

One of the questions I get asked a lot is... "Whether it's possible to get a permanent solution to persistent stomach ulcers...".

I'll answer that in a bit.

But before I do, permit me to share my personal experience with stomach ulcers with you. 

Don’t worry, I’ll make it brief.

I promise this is not like the usual stories you read online.

Just stay with me.

I just turned 41 and you see... I’ve suffered from the pains of stomach ulcer from as far back as I can remember (not anymore though).

I think it started when I was in University of Abuja. I can vividly remember skipping school so many times because of the tormenting stomach pains.

It began with a burning sensation in my stomach and gradually extended to tormenting pains towards my abdomen, just below the belly button.

...And then came the severe chest pains.  

The Struggle...

At first, I thought it was something that could easily be treated with a quick visit to the hospital.

...But little did I know that it was the beginning of unending stomach pains and discomfort, as one medication after another failed to provide permanent result.

From Omeprazole to Gascol antacid syrups and ulcer kit.... you name them, I've tried it all.

Finally, the doctor said I just had to manage the ulcer with medications, and that there is no known permanent cure for stomach ulcers.

I was devastated.

... But what can I do?

I was also told not to eat certain foods and avoid drinking alcohol (which was quite difficult).

I kept asking myself... what causes this ulcer that has made it so difficult to heal permanently..?

So, What Exactly Causes Stomach Ulcer?

According to research, most stomach ulcers are mainly caused when the stomach is infected by a certain bacteria called Helicobacter pylori (H. Pylori).

Now, this bacteria breaks down the stomach’s defense against the acid it produces to digest food.

... And because of this, the stomach acid ends up causing an open wound in the walls of the stomach or the intestines.

That excruciating pain you feel in the middle of the night which gets you rolling around on the floor...

... is the stomach acid reacting on the injured part of the stomach lining or intestine.

At one time, I even tried some home remedies such as, garlic, honey, unripe plantain, etc.., but they didn’t help.

Another cause of stomach ulcers is the long-term use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, naproxen or aspirin.   

Anyway, to cut a long story short…

In the course of my research and in the quest to end my suffering...

I discovered (with the help of my long-time friend, Tunde) that there are 5 Unique Herbs that when combined in the right proportion, will not only effectively heal the wounds in the walls of the stomach...

... But also permanently eliminate the H.Pylori bacteria infection in the stomach that causes the stomach ulcers.

Here are the 5 Herbs;

  • Aloe Vera
  • Bridelia Micrantha
  • Lonchocarpus Cyanescens
  • Bauhinia Variegata Linn
  • Amaranthus Spinosus

With these 5 Herbs, you can finally heal your stomach ulcers permanently without wasting more money on medications.

You can imagine the type of research that went into discovering these amazing herbs for stubborn stomach ulcers.

We also discovered that these same exact herbs works effectively for Acid Reflux and Dyspepsia (Indigestion).

It's over 9 years now, and I can't remember the last time I complained of ulcer pains. 

But There's a Small Problem;

These herbs are very rare to find in Nigeria. Aloe Vera may be readily available, and if you're lucky you may stumble upon Lonchocarpus Cyanescens.

However, the remaining 3 are hardly found.

I had to get my friend Tunde, who is resident in India to help source for some of the herbs.

One of them (Amaranthus Spinosus), is even native to the tropical Americas.

However, There is a Way To Get Them Now;

You can have access to these herbs right here in Nigeria, if you wish.

All the Herbs have been blended and packaged in a natural powdered form, and you can get it today...

... that is,  if you're really serious about ending the tormenting ulcer pains once and for all.

Introducing The Effective Herbal Medication That Has Worked Wonders...

Dr Adams Ulcer Terminator

Now, I'm not the only one who has been permanently healed with these ulcer herbs...

There's this Pastor who's been on our medication for a Prostate challenge. 

Based on the improvement he was experiencing, he decided to talk to me about his brother with multiple health challenges of which ULCER was part of.

According to him, he's lost count on how many treatment himself and his brother had spent on over the years.

I decided to Mix these herbs, blend it, package it as shown above and have it delivered to him.

After giving it to his brother and getting him to use the way I instructed, today the ulcer his gone... the video below to hearfor yourself had.

here's what another man has to say after using the medication for a few days...


I understand that Choosing a proper treatment for your stomach ulcer can be quite challenging, especially if you have tried others that didn't work.

I know that feeling because i have been there and it hurts.

It hurts being decieved

It hurts loosing hard earned money

It hurts trying different solutions and at the end of day would offer temporary relief while others won't work at all

However, now is not the time to give up...

If you want to start living a normal life again like everyone else and be Ulcer-Free for life...

Then the DR ADAMS ULCER TERMINATOR is the ONLY solution you need right now.

And the BEST part is ...

It doesn't matter if you've had the ulcer for more than 30 years.. or it just started last week.

The Solution Will WORK For You

Never doubt the power of natural herbs!

This man had Ulcer for good 17 years...

... and below is what he had to say about the medication.

Remember I mentioned H-pylori being the major cause of ULCER?

Well, I know a Man whose life has been tormented by by this H-pylori bacteria.

He has literally looked for solutions everywhere but he has been dissapointed.

Just like you, He saw the DR ADAMS Ulcer Terminator online and decided to give it a try.

On the 14th of September 2021, he snapped and sent me his test result which shows he's H-pylori free.

See the video below...

The video below entails the voice note of Mr Kingsley who also was battling with H-pylori for years...

His story will interest you. Kindly listen to it

NOTE: these herbs will only work for you if;

  1. You're very sure that you have stomach/chest ulcer.
  2. You take this medication exactly as prescribed; 


How do you use it?

Step 1: Pour two tablespoons of fresh PAP inside a cup

Step 2: Add half tablespoon of the powder inside the cup containing the fresh PAP

Step 3: Add little water to it; Stir well and drink

Should be prepared and taken at night after dinner.


THAT'S IT! - Do the above 3 things and you'll be FREE from stubborn stomach ulcers forever.

That's a promise.

By now, I know you can't wait to lay your hands on this Guaranteed Long Lasting Solution for stubborn stomach ulcers....

So, I’m ready to further make it easier for you;

…if not for anything, to show you that I care, and want you to have this solution as fast as possible.

And to prove that it will work for you, 100%!

So, How Much Is it?

If you calculate the total value of the Dr Adams Ulcer Terminator, you'll see it's nothing less than N40,000.

However, due to the situation of things in the country, you'll get this medication for only;


1 Bottle




2 Bottles


(best offer)

3 Bottles + 1 Free


(Recommended for chronic ulcer above 3years)

The number of bottles you need to get healed completely will depend on how long you've had the ulcer and your body system.

If you've had the ulcer for many years, we suggest you get 3 bottles and monitor progress.

OR better still get 2 bottles right away, as others have gotten great result with that option. 

When you use our medication as prescribed - PERMANENT HEALING IS SURE!

How to order For The Dr Adams Ulcer Terminator.


To order is very simple. All you need to do to place your order, is fill the form below. 


After providing your details by filling the form below, kindly click on I WANT THIS MEDICATION button and wait for a few seconds so you'll see to the Thank You Page.


See sample below.


Seeing the page above is a guarantee that your order will be recieved. 

Then expect a call from one of our friendly customer representative, to confirm your order.

In a situation whereby an error ocured and you didn't see the Thank You Page.

This automatically means your order won't be recieved so you're advised to messsage on Whatappp 0901 489 5629 Or Click the Whatsapp icon displayed on your screen to open a chat with a representative.

 Now that you know how to order this medication, go ahead and order below.


Before you order...

Please note that this medication is not for everyone.

It's only for those who are willing to it seriously and use as prescribed regardeless of thier previous experience with other medications.

Aside that, if you know you travelled, or won't be available to recieve your medication in the next 48  hours maximum, Please don't order for this medication.


Here Is What The Dr Adams Ulcer Terminator Will Do For You;

- Permanently stops the ulcer pains in the stomach, chest and the rest of the body.

- Kills the H.Pylori bacteria infection in the stomach that causes the ulcer.

- Permanently heals the ulcer wounds in the walls of the stomach and intestine caused by this disease.

- Fights off acid reflux and stomach worms.

- Destroys all forms chronic ulcers; peptic, gastric and esophageal ulcers.

- Helps to regain lost weight and strength.

- Regain appetite for your favorite foods.

- Eat and drink anything you want without fear; spicy foods? - Yes!

- Sleep comfortably at night without the discomfort of ulcer pains.

Aside all of the above, its guaranteed that after using this medication, you'll be able to return to your normal life and enjoy all of those things you've been avoiding...

For example, if you have avoiding peppery foods, you won't have to ANYMORE

See prove below

Carefully check out the screenshot below...


After some time, here's what he had concerning the lady he bought the medication for...


Check the date to see our when our last conversation occured...

After using the medication for while, here's what she had to say concerning it.

if Whats going through your mind right now is similar to that of the young man above,

i want you to know that your points are valid.

Faking of testimonies is what some online vendors who don't have an effective product do in other to sell.


Mind you, because they're bad religious leaders out there doesn't mean religion is a SCAM.


Because they are bad roads our there doesn't mean you won't go out and you'll stay indoors all your.


The same ideas applies here...


What i am trying to let you know is this...


They are bad eggs everywhere and they're good ones too.


...and TODAY, you have finally found a good one.


To prove to you that Dr Adams Ulcer Terminator is effective and 100% valid, i'll be sharing with you chats of some people who are just like you.

The chats will be shown from the begining when they first message our represenative to show interest in the ulcer terminator... when it was delivered to them. And to when to they start seeing result.


A comment was recently made on one of OUR adverts...




To prove to you that this is real, let me share you a story of Mr Afeez.

Below are screenshots of where it all started for him.

Please note that the current price of this Ulcer Terminator IS now 15,500 for one bottle and is slowly going back to its original price of 17,500. 

However, you'll be getting for one bottle TODAY for only 13,500 because of the On-going CURRENT MID-YEAR PROMO... So act fast.


Secondly, we have decided to start uploading conversations of some of our patients from the very first day they contacted us.

The reason for this is simply for the sake of TRANSPERENCY.

We are not part of the bad eggs online who fabricate testimonies all for  sake of selling bad product.

Now lets get to it...

Note two things: The man inquired and ordered the medication on the 31st of july. And the medication was delivered to him on the 2nd of August.

Try and study the dates on the screenshots as you read on. 

This is to show you how transperent we are.

Now lets continue

The advert which the man commented on below went live later in August. I think it was August 16

Two months months later after using the medication, an agent still reached out to see how he's doing.

See screenshot below...

That's the end...

And it's on this note i want to guarantee you that our medication offers a PERMANENT CURE FOR YOUR ULCER.

Here's another story of Mr David

the main gist is in the voice note he sent which I  screen recorded and saved for you...

just play the video below to listen to it.

Just like Mr Afeez we checked up on Mr David after a few months and here's what he had to say.

You saw where he said he smokes sometimes right?...

While we don't encourage that, it's another prove that after using our medication you'll be perfectly fine and you'll be free to go back to those things you stopped doing due to this ulcer.

Yours may not be smoking...

however, how about your favourite foods and drinks?

Won't you like to go back enjoying them and also living a life free of chest pains, back pains, bloody stools, Bloating, Heartburn and others discomforts?

If your answer is YES! Kindly provide your details below to get this medication and use as prescribed.


We don't have enough on ground to keep for those who probably enjoy ulcer pains and aren't ready to end it permanently as soon as possible.

So once again, please don't order if you are not willing to use as prescribed and if you are not ready to recieve it within 24hrs - 48hrs

You can provide your details if you're ready.

Do it immediate to enjoy the CURRENT PROMO offer.

You can also message 0901 489 5629 on Whatsapp with the details below to own a package of this medication.

Full name:

Phone Number:

Alternative phone Number:

Delivery Address:

Package and price: 1 pack, 13,500

If your Whatsapp is currently down, you can send a text message instead.

However, kindly ensure you provide the necessary information required for us to be able to process your order.

Best regards,

Dr adams.

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